CSOSA July One-Day Team Building Session

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CSOSA July One-Day Team Building Session


One-day Team Building Session

9:00     Welcome


-       Learn Provide about the characteristics of high performing teams

-       Learn skills and strategies to improve communication skills and deal with conflict

-       Develop an agreement on norms and rules that govern future team work


9:15     Introductions and workshop objectives


9:30     High Performing Teams

-       Characteristics

-       Dexler / Sibbet Team Performance Model

-       Team assessment


10:30   Conflict and its potential

-       What is conflict?

-       Approaches to conflict: Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model

-       Levels of conflict

-       Conflict Cycle


11:30   Communication

-       Active Listening

-       Variables that impact communication: culture, power

-       Group exercise


12:00   Lunch


1:00     Sources of Conflict

-       Mapping of issues

-       Mapping of stakeholders

-       Strategies to dealing with conflict

-       Negotiation


2:30     Strategies

-       Problem solving approaches

-       Integrative approaches

-       Case study


4:00     putting it all together

-       Our team: norms moving forward

-       How will we support each other

-       How will we de-escalate issues

-       Resources available


5:00     Adjourn

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