Practice Areas

Training & Education  


Mediation training for Federal officials

Negotiation, facilitation, mediation, and problem solving trainings and workshops for clients in the public and private sector

Conflict resolution training for Arabic-speaking judges and lawyers, community leaders, and educators

Community building skill training workshop for non-governmental actors in Lebanon

Effective community involvement training for local government employees

Development of educational materials for conflict analysis, prevention, and mitigation



Organizational & Leadership Development

Leadership development and executive coaching

Executive women’s leadership development at national and international levels

Design and support of government, corporate, and community strategic planning efforts

Development and implementation of cultural change projects

Design and implementation of organizational and employee surveys

Facilitation of team building and problem-solving workshops

Design strategies to strengthen system-wide integration and organizational effectiveness

Curriculum design and review for cultural competency

Qualitative research and organizational assessments

Advising employee network groups




Capacity Building

Design and delivery of workshops on integrative bargaining for stakeholders preparing to negotiate

Development of educational materials on conflict prevention and mitigation

Organization of a program to provide technical expertise to community groups

Strategies to engage multiple stakeholders on issues pertaining to women’s financial education



Conflict Prevention & Mitigation

Development of organizational dispute resolution systems

Mediation of governmental workplace disputes

Assessment of an intra-state violent conflict

Facilitation of an inter-ethnic, inter-religious dialogue

Scheduling and support of Track II meetings and collaboration




Monitoring & Evaluation

Conducting initiative and program assessments and evaluation

Measuring impact of Superfund community involvement

Grant impact assessment for the Dept. of State




Public Participation  

Facilitation of large community meetings

Management of public hearings

Development of community involvement strategies

Assessment of community needs

Measurement of the impact of community involvement